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Part 10, on the other hand, removes Electra from human civilization and sends her into a forest, a place of wilderness still largely ungoverned by the standards of society. In Literature, wooded areas/forests often symbolize the unconscious mind. Journeys into forests are thus seen as “initiations, tests and challenges; to return is to be reborn, the uncertainty of the unconscious laid to rest.”
Virginia Woolf once said that the self is an illusion. "The self is simply a work of art, a fiction created by the brain in order to make sense of its disunity in a world of fragments, the self is our sole ‘theme, recurring, half remembered, half foreseen.’ If if didn’t exist, then we would be a brain full of characters, hopelessly searching for an author."
This relates to what Marina stated in an old blog entry. She explains, "I’m interested in how transient identity is. How do we know who we really are when different situations dictate how we behave? I am interested in the roles we all play. We spend our whole lives becoming ourselves when we are born as no one else."
In the forest, Electra can finally be free to contemplate and project her deepest anxieties, fears, and experiences, which is a central theme in the final video of the series, “Part 11: Electra Heart.” In this video, Electra seems to reflect on her life and the various identities/roles she’s taken on. She sings of going back to the start, forgiveness and sacrifice, and in a final, quick movement, she rubs the heart (an important symbol of The Archetypes) off her cheek. She is Electra Heart. Through others,(the various identities created by society and culture), she has found herself.